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Facebook Post Ideas For Your Main Street Business

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Facebook algorithms make life interesting, as they always seem to be changing. The one thing that is consistent is the fact that you have customers that are looking for your advice. What’s the easiest way to share what you know? Share it through Facebook. If you provide regular, informative content, your customers will consistently check out your Business Facebook page. I’ve put together some ideas that you can use for your Facebook Business Page.

Sara in Galena

Here’s an example of a photo that was used on Travel With Sara’s Facebook Page. I showed myself on the street and showcased Galena, Illinois. I not only had a photo to share on a Facebook Business Page, but I also had a photo to share on other social media platforms. This shows that I am a real person experiencing Main Street in Galena and it also showcases the architecture and history that Galena has to offer.


Your company has some sort of history. If you are new, maybe it’s you, the owner. Share your company history through a status update on Facebook. Pictures, video and/or a letter from someone that supported you early on make excellent Facebook posts.


Chances are that you have several different products that you would like to turn over. Each week, at a specific day and time, feature one product that you would like to sell. Your Facebook followers will quickly realize that they need to be sure to check out your Facebook Business Page on that day. This can be through video (Facebook loves video loaded directly from your phone to Facebook) and then store the video on your You Tube Channel. Give your video extra miles, as it will help you grow your business.


Be sure to share the special events that are happening in your community. This event may be why your customers travel to your community and stop into your Main Street business.


People love seeing what you do behind the walls of your business. Do you ship things out? What’s the process when a specific item arrives? People want to see why your business is successful. Don’t be afraid to share how you make things work. 


Selfies are fun, as well as photos of your employees. Your customers and potential customers want to know that they are doing business with real folks. An employee of the month feature, is a good way to spread some love for your employees and people that shop in your Main Street Business.

Most importantly, remember that people love doing business with people they like. Plain and simple. If you are approachable, friendly, and open, you can thrive on Main Street today. I’d love to hear what your Main Street business is posting on Facebook and what your response has been. Leave me a comment or two, as we can all learn from each other.




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  1. Laura December 26, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    I loved the wonderful advice in your blog for businesses.

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      Thank you so much!

  2. Beth Ann Chiles December 26, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    Great tips!

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