Three Tips On Being Respectful On Facebook

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It seems as though once someone puts themselves behind a keyboard they thrive on anonymity, which brings me to the topic of being respectful on Facebook. The past couple days have been rather chaotic when it comes to online Facebook behavior. My personal Facebook Feed was worse than the national news when it comes to derogatory comments to disrespect of authorities. So, I’ve got three tips on how you can be respectful on Facebook.

  1. Do not post something on Facebook that you cannot say to someone face to face. 
  2. Share content that is worthwhile to you, and it will most likely be worth sharing with your friends.
  3. Swearing and name calling is one of the easiest ways to lose friends.

If you find your Facebook Feed is continually full of negativity and name calling, it’s time to “unfollow” or unfriend your friend. If you “unfollow” your friend, their posts will not show up in your Facebook Feed, and you will still be Facebook Friends. Just click on Following, which is right next to where it shows you are Facebook Friends, and you will have unfollowed your Facebook Friend. You will then have to go directly to your Facebook Friend’s Facebook Page to see what they are up to.


Follow/Unfollow Facebook

You do have control of how you interact with your Facebook Friends. If you click on “Friends” as shown, you can see you have several options. This is where you can unfriend your Facebook Friend.

Facebook Friend Options


Being respectful on Facebook should be simple. Remember to treat others how you want to be treated and be kind. If you see someone being treated poorly or you observe cyberbullying, report it to the proper authorities. For example, if you observe a student getting beat up on a school bus through a YouTube video that is being shared on Facebook, report it to the school district that is being involved. If you do not know the name of the school district involved, Facebook’s Help center recommends this:


  1. Hover over the post you want to report and click  in the top right
  2. Click Report/Mark as Spam


We all have to vigilant online and we all need to know when it is time to take things offline. There are certain things in life that have no business being online, and that is where we all need to get better at being respectful online. Facebook gives us a platform to take our daily rants and as Facebook users we need to know when our rants need to be taken offline.

Most importantly be a good friend/parent offline, so life online is much safer and a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

So, tell me…… Are you respectful on Facebook? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.





2 thoughts on “Three Tips On Being Respectful On Facebook

  1. Beth Ann Chiles September 3, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Great post and great advice. Definitely sharing this one, Sara. Thank you!

  2. Diana September 4, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    I try not to be controversial, or offensive. Most of the time I try to act as if I’m at a big family gathering where everyone is visiting because you never know who will be offended. I think it’s more difficult for me to unfriend/unfollow adult relatives over kids. I can unfollow the kids and feel okay about it because we all did dumb stuff as a kid and I think they should do it without me giving my two cents about it, so I unfriend and think I’ll come back around when they’ve matured. It’s more difficult to unfriend a very religious Aunt who makes very derogatory remarks about people who believe differently, or a brother in law who is vulgar in his expression of distaste at certain political figures. I understand disagreement, but I don’t think it needs to be nasty.

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