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Snapchat for Business Tips From Guest Blogger Janelle Shank

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Snapchat is one of those platforms that many bloggers don’t know how to use. Janelle of Bakes In Slippers, is embracing this platform and learning how it can help your business. I am so excited to have Janelle sharing her tips with all of you, as this is a platform that I am still trying to figure out. She is learning and has some great tips for bloggers, when it comes to embracing Snapchat.

I will admit it – I am old.  When I first heard of Snapchat, I was like no thanks. And it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, reading a blogger’s group post about how much fun they were having that I decided to give it a try.

It took me a minute to get why it was fun, why it was something that people were in to. Then I figured it out – it gives a little peek into the world of other people, be it what they decide to share, but little tidbits of life, food, family, trips and pets. I follow a variety of people from bloggers, to friends, to fun internet personalities.  And while I am not sharing something everyday (life does get in the way of that) I am finding it another outlet to share my passions with those interested in knowing more about me.

Last week I decided to try it out as a social media contest for my blog Bakes In Slippers. I was sent some cute Halloween spatulas and cookie cutters, and wanted to give some away to my readers. Usually I will do this through a Facebook contest, but wanting to gain more followers and exposure on Snapchat, I announced it on my other social media outlets and away we go! I ended up gaining some fabulous new followers and giving away some adorable Halloween swag. It was easy to do and fun for me to get new snaps from new people. Here were the rules:

  • Follow me on Snapchat
  • Send me a snap telling me your favorite Halloween dessert or snapping and sending a picture of it.
  • Winners were chosen and I snapped them back a congrats!

Halloween swag

Easy as pie (mmm pie). While my following is still small, it helped me a gain a better knowledge of how to use Snapchat and if my readers are using it – I will say not a lot of my readers are, which is fine, but it was good to gauge where was the best place to reach my peeps.

I am digging Snapchat – I use it daily even if it’s just to watch what the people I follow are up to, or to share a new or fun blog post, a food picture that I took and love, or what I am eating for breakfast.  So come follow me on Snapchat (bakesinslippers) as I would love to see what is happening in your world too!

2 thoughts on “Snapchat for Business Tips From Guest Blogger Janelle Shank

  1. Donna November 1, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    I love Snapchat and use it with the kids I work with. I never thought about using it for my blog, but it gives me a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin November 1, 2015 at 4:36 pm

      I do think there is potential with snapchat with blogging! It works well for several.

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