Teenagers Want Real Conversations With Real People

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This morning I ventured out to a grocery store that still offers great, old fashioned customer service. The employees here still bag your groceries and wheel your groceries out to your car. Many of the employees that wheel your groceries out are young. I met a young man named Avery. Avery was very courteous and helpful.

Phone in Hand


As he was wheeling my cart out he started a conversation with me and we talked about how busy their store was. Avery proceeded to tell me that he was working from 6- 11 a.m. and he had never worked those hours before. I then asked him what he does at 6 a.m. He then told me that he stocked shelves and that he liked that a lot better than working courtesy. He then went on to say that there’s a lot of people that are not as nice as I was, and all they do is talk on their stupid phones. This, my friends, was out of the mouth of a 15 year old! All he wants is for people to actually talk with him. He then went on to tell me that adults think that all teenagers want to be on their cell phones all the time and that’s wrong. He proceeded to tell me that he sees adults talking on them more than teenagers. He also commented that if they are not talking on their cell phones, they are looking at then.

This is HUGE, my friends! When I find myself having an actual conversation with a 15 year old that wants to have real conversations with real people, this reinforces what I have been saying all along. We all need to find  a healthy balance when it comes to using cell phones. I agree with this young man, it’s rude to be focused on a phone when someone is trying to look you in the eye and speak with you. I know that I can get better at this and will try harder, I am guilty as charged. I will often try to respond to a text message as soon as I see it. I need to remind myself that the reply can wait.

Face to face conversations still matter. The beauty of social media is that we can build a relationship online and then take the relationship off line. We, as a society, need to get over the fact that it is virtually impossible to be able to take any call 24/7. Do you make it a point to have a face to face conversation with others, or do you find it easier to hide behind a keyboard?

A huge thank you to Avery for reminding me that face to face conversations do matter and our young people really want to meet new people.



3 thoughts on “Teenagers Want Real Conversations With Real People

  1. Katy Flint October 19, 2014 at 9:38 am

    I love this and I’ve noticed this more and more with our boys! I have a post similarly posting later next week!

    • admin October 19, 2014 at 10:01 am

      Katy- The tide is turning and I LOVE it!

    • admin October 19, 2014 at 10:02 am

      Katy- The tide is turning and I LOVE it! Definitely an eye opener for everyone.

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