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Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter

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Twitter is a social media platform that I embraced early on. I quickly began to realize that I could meet “real” people on Twitter and develop lasting friendships. I am noticing that more people are jumping on the Twitter Bandwagon, particularly in North Iowa. It’s exciting to see that people are interested and open to learning the ins and outs of Twitter. If you are dragging your feet and wondering if Twitter is where you should spend some time, I’ve put together three reasons why you should consider.


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140 Characters

Twitter status updates are limited to 140 characters, which means the posts on Twitter are short, sweet and to the point. You will not find 300+ word blog posts within a Tweet. You may find the link to the blog post, but not all 300+ words. Twitter is easy to read and it’s available in real time.

Smartphone Friendly

Twitter is, in my opinion, the easiest social media platform to use on your smartphone. You can get news in real time all within a view of your hand holding your smartphone.


Again, with 140 characters and no more, you can read the news in a short period of time.

Connecting With Brands

A lot of brands are utilizing Twitter and all it has to offer. Just this past weekend we had purchased a ceiling fan and failed to inspect all of the parts before 90% of it was installed. When we reached for the glass candelabras we found one had shattered in the box. And of course it was a Sunday and all offices were closed. I went to Twitter and within five hours I had a response. I was directed to a form to fill out through a DM (Direct Message) on Twitter to get my replacement parts on the way. Yesterday I received an e-mail with the shipping information and when to expect the parts through UPS.

If you have not embraced Twitter, I honestly hope you will give it a try. Real connections can be made and the conversations you can have are real. With 140 characters, being smartphone friendly and the ability to connect with brands, it’s definitely a social media platform worth investing some time in.

So, tell me… Do you use Twitter and what do you enjoy most about it?

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2 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter

  1. Beth Ann Chiles June 3, 2015 at 7:27 am

    Twitter has definitely grown on me over the years and it has been such a great way to communicate with companies quickly. I really respect the companies who monitor their Twitter accounts and respond quickly, don’t you?

  2. Donna Hup June 7, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Twitter is my favorite social media channel!

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