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“Sara spent less than 5 minutes with me showing me a few simple easy steps to increase my Instagram following and engagement. I put her advice to action, and in less than 4 days, I doubled my following!” – Mary Hopper Blogger and Co-owner of Natural Plus Nursery.

“I was extremely excited to listen to Sara talk about “Finding Conference Sponsorship” at Bloggy Con this year. I have been struggling in this area, but walked away with such great information that I now feel more confident in pitching brands. Some of the tips I learned was to find brands on Twitter, follow them and find out where they are weak, so you can determine how you can specifically help them. I would have never thought to link with the PR person from the brand on LinkedIn, but now will be doing some research on that social media platform. Also, sign contracts, I had never thought about this. I thought that your conversation would be good enough. But, I guess everything is a business, so protect yourself and get it in writing.  Thank you Sara, for all of the great information, you definitely have my wheels turning and actually just used this advice to pitch a brand. Sara is such an influential blogger, I enjoy listening to her whenever I get the chance.” Marla Murasko of Special & Determined

 ” Sara helped me get my blog going and gave me tips along the way to really help my success. She is always there to answer any questions I have and even have put me in contact with certain blogging opportunties. Sara has been a huge blessing!”  Shari Hagen of Inked and Educated

“Sara is an expert in her field. Not only is she knowledgable but friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with their social media management.” – Jamie Williams

“Sara has been incredible! She is patient, encouraging, and understanding! She has helped me learn how to manage my blog and other social media platforms while instilling in me a love for social media! She has also encouraged me to stretch my comfort zone and reach for the stars!!” Katie Flint of Social Impact & Learning As I Go.
“Sara Broers truly believes in the people and the businesses she works with! I have felt this since the moment I met her. She is confident, encouraging, and supportive. There have been many times I have sent her a text or emailed her for suggestions or advice. She has enthusiastically helped me choose the best road to travel, literally as a travel blogger and figuratively as a social media consultant. You become not only a client, but a friend! My business and life is truly better because Sara is a part of it!” Robin Russell of Russell’s Adventures. 

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