North Iowa Bloggers Are Online Influencers

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There’s a new term that has crept into the world of blogging the past few months and it’s online influencer. It is true, the North Iowa bloggers are online influencers. The cool thing about the North Iowa bloggers is the fact that they each have their own unique blogs and they each have their favorite social media platforms. So, you may be asking what exactly is an online influencer?

In my words: An online influencer is someone who has a loyal following online and is a go to person for a particular topic of interest. There ya go, that’s my definition of an online influencer. The North Iowa Bloggers are a core group of bloggers that support each other. They go to different events together and showcase their experience online. They write about the experience on their blog, they post on Facebook, they Tweet, and they also post to other social media platforms such as Instagram. Each blogger shares their authentic experience with their readers, as no two bloggers will walk away with the same experience. That’s the beauty of blogging, each blogger is able to share their voice.

You may be asking, “I’d love to share my business and/or event with the North Iowa Bloggers, how do I do that?” You can comment right here on this post and I will get in touch with you and make things happen. And yes, this may be a seen at your place of business, lots of things happening here!

Bloggers at Barrel


The North Iowa Bloggers ate a great meal at The Barrel Drive In in Clear Lake and several posts were written! They also danced the night away with KCMR Radio in Downtown Mason City this past summer. And once Fall rolled around, they visited Enchanted Acres near Sheffield, Iowa. And just a couple days ago they visited Hoover’s Hatchery while Iowa’s Lt. Governor, Kim Reynolds, stopped to visit.

Bloggers at Hatchery

The Bloggers of North Iowa are busy and yet they are ready and willing to help your business online. These bloggers are online influencers, as they know how to drive traffic to your website and give you additional visibility online.

I can tell you this, this group of North Iowa Bloggers are all online influencers and can help you grow your business. They are not afraid of hard work and they want to help you tell your story!





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