Top Three Reasons To Start A Blog

Rascal Flatts
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I have been blogging for 7 1/2 years and there’s one thing for certain, a blog, is still a blog. Over time, social media platforms have come and gone. But, blogging in general has not changed. Blogs are still a fun way for you to share your thoughts with the world wide web. I am often asked, “Do you think I should start a blog?” Here are my top three reasons why you should start a blog.


When you have a compelling story to share, you will quickly find blogging very easy. Your blog is an easy way to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the world wide web. Once you put it on the world wide web, it’s out there for the whole world to see. If you like the idea of your thoughts being shared all around the world, start blogging!



If your business has a website, you should have a blog on it. According to a HubSpot Survey, 60% of businesses that blog, acquire more customers. If you struggle with content, find a good writer. There are several bloggers out there that would love to be paid to write content for your company blog.


Do you feel as though your voice is not heard? When you start a blog, you will have a reader. There’s always one person that will read your blog. In my mind, that’s all I needed when I started blogging 7 1/2 years ago. Share your passions, your life, your inspirations and anything and everything you want the world to know about. Your voice will be heard, once you start blogging.

Blogging is a fantastic way to heal. Many people start blogging out of some type of tragedy. They often have a story to tell and blogging offers a great platform to get started sharing. If you love to talk, I can tell you that you will be happy that you hopped on the blogging train. Once you find your spot on the train, you will only evolve. You will meet new people, build relationships through your online activity that you never thought were possible.

So, what’s stopping you? These are three top reasons why you should start a blog and never look back! I’d love to hear what you blog about or what you are considering blogging about. I can guarantee you that someone will want to hear your story.

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