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Social Media Is More Than Just Facebook

When people hear the words social media they often think of Facebook. It is true, Facebook is a part of social media, but it is not the only thing that makes up social media. Social media is a place that you can go online and share an experience or a story. It allows you to […]

The End of The Year Brings Reminders To Everyone

A new year is upon us and I’m seeing all sorts of complaints about the year in review apps that Facebook is offering. If you have to think twice about sharing anything on social media, the best advice I have for you is to not share it. I get it, we all get caught up […]

Facebook Business Pages Are Important To Local Businesses

2014 is turning out to be the year of the word “local” for myself and my business. Once I realized the power that “local” has, my business took a turn upward. The question I get asked most often is, “Why should my small business have a Facebook page?” It’s simple, if you own a business, […]

How To Be A Social Media Rock Star With #Hashtags

Just a few years ago most of us had never heard of the word hashtag. Fast forward to 2014 and wow, we’ve got ourselves a major player in social media. Hashtags are used on all social media platforms. If you use them properly, you can be a rock star. Hashtags are used as a search […]

Educating Families On Cyberbullying And Bullying Matters In Every Community

Tonight I was part of a Cyberbullying/bullying presentation through our local YMCA. Sadly, there were no families in attendance. What I find so interesting is the fact that I see several folks complain online that schools, local organizations such as the YMCA, churches, and other places families frequent are not doing anything to assist when […]

Three Tips On Being Respectful On Facebook

It seems as though once someone puts themselves behind a keyboard they thrive on anonymity, which brings me to the topic of being respectful on Facebook. The past couple days have been rather chaotic when it comes to online Facebook behavior. My personal Facebook Feed was worse than the national news when it comes to derogatory comments […]

A New School Year Brings A Fresh Start To Everything, Including Social Media

A new school year is here and it does offer a fresh start to everything we do, including social media. Maybe you have not been paying attention to what you post through social media and it’s time to clean up your act. A new school year provides good reason to take note and step up […]

Three Reasons Your Business Should Not Have A Facebook Page

Facebook is changing how we all communicate and it’s true that many businesses are using Facebook to change up their game plan. Did you know that there are some businesses that don’t really benefit from a Facebook Business Page? Take a look at some of the Facebook Business pages you follow. When was the last […]

A North Iowa Success Story When It Comes To Utilizing Facebook Groups

I was recently introduced to one of North Iowa’s most successful Tupperware salespeople, Michelle Hartman. What really caught my eye was her personality on and offline! She is an expert when it comes to utilizing Facebook Groups and her Facebook Business Page, Tupperware by Michelle Hartman, “Crazy” Tupperware Lady. Michelle is funny, smart and a […]

Old Age Means Nothing When It Comes To Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that people of all ages are embracing. Do not think for one moment that so called, “old people” do not use Facebook. Head on over to your local coffee shop and I can guarantee you that you will see people of all ages using the Facebook app on their […]