A New School Year Brings A Fresh Start To Everything, Including Social Media

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A new school year is here and it does offer a fresh start to everything we do, including social media. Maybe you have not been paying attention to what you post through social media and it’s time to clean up your act. A new school year provides good reason to take note and step up your game plan when it comes to social media. Let’s address three separate social media platforms: Your personal Facebook page, Your Business Facebook page, and your personal Twitter account.


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Personal Facebook Page

I am going to go straight to the point on this one. It is never ok to talk trash about your employer. Think about it? Why should they pay you money to work for them when all you want to do is go online and dig them a hole? With a new school year, it’s time for you to stop talking trash about your employer and clean up your act. If you take the time to make a simple adjustment like this, you will find it easier to keep a job and even find a new one.

Business Facebook Page

The quickest way to turn current and potential customers away is to not respond to their questions through social media. I know of several local North Iowa businesses that have lost customers by not responding to a customers question. The questions have been as simple as, “What are your hours?” “How can I apply to work here?” This is a simple fix, BE PRESENT! Make time each day to answer questions that are asked on your Business Facebook Page, as it will make your business look busy and respectful. Let’s face it, who wants to do business with someone that appears lazy?

Personal Twitter Account

It is no secret that I personally love Twitter! Twitter is short, sweet and to the point. Four years ago I personally found a job on Twitter. A company out of Ohio hired me to manage their social media accounts. I was hired because my tweets were clean and respectful. Start cruising around Twitter and you know what? It won’t take you long to find Tweets that are not clean and respectful. So, with a new school year upon us, make it a point to clean up your personal Twitter account. Think about those 140 characters before you hit, “Tweet.”

Social media is a fun place to be and it’s even better when folks are smart about how they use it. A fresh start is what is offered in the classroom, so make it a fresh start in your appearance online. Pay attention to your personal status update on Facebook, engage with your clients through your Business Facebook page, and clean up your Tweets. Simple enough, right? Make this new school year a successful one in the classroom and in your online world!

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