A North Iowa Success Story When It Comes To Utilizing Facebook Groups

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I was recently introduced to one of North Iowa’s most successful Tupperware salespeople, Michelle Hartman. What really caught my eye was her personality on and offline! She is an expert when it comes to utilizing Facebook Groups and her Facebook Business Page, Tupperware by Michelle Hartman, “Crazy” Tupperware Lady. Michelle is funny, smart and a terrific person to be around. I asked Michelle to share her success story with all of you, so here’s her story! If you are contemplating the thought of starting a Facebook Group or a Facebook Business Page, Michelle is a great resource. She understands the power behind social media and she understands how to use it properly.
                                                           Michelle Hartman
We love using Facebook Groups in our Tupperware Organization!  We were finding team members were not reading their emails & getting all the FUN training information & ideas we were sending to them so we decided to try this out!  I have been using Facebook groups with Tupperware for a little over a year & LOVE it!  We share meeting information, party ideas, recipes, questions, pictures, etc!  Then what we find awesome is that that everyone SHARES answers to questions that others have!  So if I am not right on the ball to answer a question, Susie in Illinois might answer or give an idea!  If new consultants have questions they can ask them in our group & might get 10 or 15 ideas to try not just the one from me their leader!  Which I LOVE because we all receive & use information differently!
My title with Tupperware is Star Director!  I have a Team of over 50 members & an organization with over 100 members in 14 different states!  I personally do 2 Tupperware Home Parties a week.  Usually in a month I am in about 6 to 8 different towns in Iowa!  In the past year we have GROWN so much because of our Social Media Business Pages!  This allows us to reach out to other states & meet people while we work our jobs around our families!
A huge thank you to Michelle Hartman- “AKA” – Tupperific Team Star Director! I love success stories like this when they come right out of my back yard in North Iowa.

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