Engage In A Face To Face Conversation- Your Conscience Will Thank You

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Social Media has changed how we all interact. As you know, I love social media and the new experiences that come with it. Some of my closest friends are folks that I have met online through social media. The best part of it, is getting to know them in real life. Yes, meeting them in person and having a face to face conversation is the icing on the cake! There’s something to be said about attending blog conferences, such as Bloggy Conference and other events.

Bloggy Conference


I have continued to watch some groups online and their behavior in general makes me a little sad. Why is it that people no longer feel it is necessary to have a face to face conversation with others? Is it too easy to send out an e-mail, “like” a post on Facebook, “favorite” a Tweet, or send a text? I am guilty as charged, as I do all of the above. However, I make it a goal to have a face to face conversation with a lot of people I have met online. I love meeting people in real life and getting to know them as a person.

These groups that I have watched online seem to have a goal of bringing others down. I’m not sure what the joy of this type of behavior is; but I can tell you that it is tearing communities apart. Due to the fact that we can hide behind a computer and post things anonymously, the doorway to bring others down is wide open.

My solution: Instead of going online and ranting on and on about something, pick up the telephone and schedule an appointment to talk to the person or group you have a complaint about. There are times in our lives when a face to face conversation is warranted, right?

I wish it was all this simple, yet in all reality it is not. We cannot lose the ability to sit down and have a civil, face to face conversation with others. Will you make a conscientious effort to have a face to face conversation with someone in your life? I do think you will reap the benefits and quite honestly, you will probably feel a little better about yourself.

Locally, our Social Media Breakfast Club is a great way to have face to face conversations with others here in North Iowa. I challenge you to start one of these in your hometown. It’s a great way to have face to face conversations!

Social Media Breakfast Conversation

So, the next time you want to go online in a group and rant about the same thing over and over. Make it a point to have a face to face conversation. I can guarantee you that your conscience will thank you.

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