How To Not Let The Temperament of Facebook Suck You In

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Facebook is an interesting tool. It not only offers an opportunity to share the good, the bad and the ugly. But it can also bring a person down. How often have you jumped on Facebook to learn that a friend is very ill or has passed away? 

This got me thinking. Is it really a good thing that we are all so connected? I love that I have friends all around the world, but I will admit it, things can get difficult at times too. Just last week I hopped on Facebook to learn that several friends were at the hospital, in the hospital or attending funeral visitations. I stepped away. I want to support my friends and family, but I also know that I need to keep living and doing the things that I love. I quickly felt as though I was being sucked in to a world of illness. It was at that point that I knew I needed to step away from Facebook.

Then there is this button called the “like” button.

Facebook Like


We all want those likes, but what happens when nobody likes our status updates? If you find it bothers you that nobody likes your updates, maybe you need to step away from Facebook for a while. It’s not healthy to compare your life to the number of “likes” you get on a Facebook post. My suggestion: Step away from Facebook, without your phone in hand, and experience life! Hike, read a book, walk, run, visit the park, go fishing- get out and live your life! You cannot live your life through a button on Facebook.

Have you ever felt like you were being sucked into a Facebook world you did not want to be a part of? I would love to hear how you dealt with it and how you moved on.

My mantra…. Live your Life!

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