Meet Jason Smith of Dream Dirt: An Iowan Utilizing Social Media Day In And Day Out

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When I hopped on the Twitter train several years ago, I looked for Iowa folks to connect with. I will admit, that in 2009, it was hard to find Iowans on Twitter.  And my own first tweet was pathetic! It is clear that I had no clue what Twitter was and what the proper terms were.
                 First Tweet Screen Shot

I found Iowan Jason Smith, of DreamDirt.  I followed Dream Dirt on Twitter and found him to be a fun person to converse with. Fast forward to February 2014. After presenting a session on social media at the World Wide College of Auctioneering auction school, I saw a student sporting DreamDirt clothing. I began chatting with him and learned that he was a cousin of Jason Smith, the owner of Dream Dirt. I was ecstatic to have indirectly met the founder of Dream Dirt. I asked Jason Smith to tell his story here of how he uses social media. I think you will find it interesting and intriguing. He’s had a lot of success with social media, as I’ve watched him grow over the past five years into a social media success story!  Meet Jason Smith of Dream Dirt.


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Prior to my life as an auctioneer and real estate broker I spent nearly 20 years as a police officer and police chief.  I was no stranger to talking to people I didn’t know, and as a policeman I’d learned ways to communicate with every person I encountered.  When I retired I was faced with moving to my 2nd career.  The lure of selling appealed to me,as I would get paid what I was worth.  Meaning if I went to work and worked hard I’d get paid for it, if I decided not to I wouldn’t get paid.  I had already discovered as a police chief that the Internet was a quick and inexpensive way to get the word out about anything, but in 2006 when I left that job social media had not quite caught on.  Everybody had a website and that was great, but getting people to your website often cost something.  I can remember the first time I saw Facebook.  A light went on for me, I knew this was a way that I could get people to visit my website to read my blog posts and see what was for sale and it wouldn’t cost me much more than the effort.  I went on to join Twitter as well and the two are our main staples.  We have spent time experimenting with other sites but to be honest the big 2 keep us as busy as we want to be right now.  

Something we have learned over the years of using social media is that its always changing and if you don’t have something you have nothing.  We go to great lengths to portray the lifestyles of our client base.  Our company DreamDirt is a land brokerage and auctioneering firm.  Our typical buyer client is a hunter or a farmer.  Our typical seller client is literally anybody!  Connecting with sellers is much more difficult for us using social media than buyers but to date we have completed 9 real estate transactions with sellers that stumbled across us on social websites.

Our buyers have a dream to fulfill and the sellers will likely only once in their life work with a company that provides our services.  High quality photography has been the best tool we’ve found to connect.  We work to instill pride in the hunting or farming lifestyle through our own story of being hunters and farmers.  Because we do actually live the lifestyle of our buyer clients its easy to connect with them, its very natural for us to create photography that shows something that appeals to them. With today’s cell phones and photo apps life in social media has become almost unbelievable simple.  In the past we used to carry around a large DSLR camera and then transfer photos to a computer, edit them prior to posting.  Mixed between those things they like are short commercial messages, blog posts, occasional auction photos that are not overbearing, we try to make them as natural and tasteful as possible and we never reach beyond that imaginary boundary our followers would expect from us.  We prefer to show them what we do versus telling them what we do and it has worked very well for us.

Connect with Jason on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to visit his website, as you will have a new friend for life!

Thank you Jason for sharing your story with us!

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