Social Media Was A Game Changer For The 2016 Caucus Season In Iowa

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The Iowa Caucus was held tonight and all I can say is, WOW!

crowd at Iowa caucus

My last experience at an Iowa Caucus was much different from this year. I am sure it appeared to be more crowded as I had always went to a room or building, not a high school. At our local high school several precincts and townships checked in at a table near the entry of the school. With maybe two dozen people to check in at the last caucus, I stood in a line with hundreds this year. I did inquire as to if this was normal, and was told no, as there was typically a very short line.

So.. this got me thinking! I had 45 minutes to stand in a line and observe. Guess what? The people in line were conversing with each other OR looking at their smart phones. I could see that many were scrolling through Twitter and several were surfing Facebook status updates.

I have to believe that due to social media, there has become an increased awareness of the Iowa Caucus. Through social media, people have been able to see all of the selfies that have been taken with the candidates, and they have also been able to listen to speeches that have been given at Town Hall Meetings that were held all across the state of Iowa.

I do not share a lot of political information on my social media pages, as I choose not to go there. I do not have time to debate the topics with my friends, so I steer clear. Tonight was different. I arrived at our local high school and was greeted with break lights and a traffic jam.

traffic jam at Iowa Caucus

All of this, due to caucus goers. After sitting for five minutes, I decided to take a picture and post it on Facebook. Guess what? A lot of people near and far were very interested to see what was going to unfold in Iowa.

I arrived in my assigned room to caucus and met a gal who was working on a high school government project. Her high school teacher had given them assignment ~ to tweet at the Iowa Caucus using the hashtag #Gameday4USA. Tip: If you see any tweets with this hashtag on Twitter, please re-tweet it! 

This gentleman here was expressing his reasons for supporting his candidate of choice, as that’s what folks can do at a caucus.


So, tell me! Did you learn about a candidate through social media for the 2016 Iowa Caucus? I truly believe that social media was a game changer in Iowa Caucus 2016!

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