The End of The Year Brings Reminders To Everyone

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A new year is upon us and I’m seeing all sorts of complaints about the year in review apps that Facebook is offering. If you have to think twice about sharing anything on social media, the best advice I have for you is to not share it. I get it, we all get caught up in that “one” thing and can’t resist sharing it. But really? If you choose to see what an app puts together for your year end, what do you expect? The app will pull what it wants and if you are lucky, you will be able to change things up to your liking before it is published.

My challenge to each of you is to make smart choices when it comes to sharing through social media.


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If you are passionate about something and want to share it, by all means go for it. Keep in mind, you don’t own Facebook. In reality, Facebook owns you. Each post you make on Facebook is telling someone what you like, where you want to travel and basically anything about you. Each keystroke is telling someone, something about you. Like it or not, this is the world we live in.

If you don’t want to be a part of this, do not post anything on social media. By making smart choices you can have a wonderful time connecting and reconnecting with others. I continue to meet some of the most amazing people and businesses online every single day. Each post seems to make a connection that I never dreamed was possible. And you know what? I did one of those movie year end in review things through Facebook and it was fun to watch. Sure, there were some moments, but I moved on. Facebook was sharing my year in review and I chose to hit “Publish”, as no one made me do it. I chose to post it and I was happy.

So, tell me. What changes, if any, will you be making when it comes to sharing through social media in the new year? I’d love to hear how you will manage yourself and your time!

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