Three Reasons Your Business Should Not Have A Facebook Page

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Facebook is changing how we all communicate and it’s true that many businesses are using Facebook to change up their game plan. Did you know that there are some businesses that don’t really benefit from a Facebook Business Page? Take a look at some of the Facebook Business pages you follow. When was the last time the Business Facebook Page was updated? If the page has set dormant for a few weeks, it’s probably fair to say that the page should come down.

Lack of Updates: If you don’t have the time to update your Facebook Business Page, why have it? You and your business appear lazy and as though you don’t care. So, if you appear lazy on social media, why should a potential or current customer expect you to do business with them in a timely manner? Take the page down!

Not Wanting To Address Negative Reviews: Pat Palmer, of The Computer Guy, is a social media enthusiast and he has observed that some folks don’t want to address the negative online activity. It is true, when you do have a Business Facebook Page, you will receive some negative reviews. Instead of ignoring them, which many businesses do; this is the time for a business owner to step up to the place to correct the issues. If you refuse to address the negative reviews, there is no need for a Business Facebook Page.



You Don’t Want To Be Social: Social Media is all about being social. If you want to sell, sell, sell- PLEASE, do not start up a Facebook Page for your business. The quickest way to turn your customers away is to constantly sell to them. Be an informer, share your knowledge, and engage with people! If you can do those three things, you and your customers will benefit from a Business Facebook Page.

I love Facebook Business Pages and I do think they can be a powerful tool for your business, when used properly. So, if you don’t want to make regular updates, address the negative reviews or be social; your business should not have a Facebook page. Tell me, when is the last time you updated your Business Facebook Page?



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