Tips For Not Getting Locked Out Of Facebook
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Today was one of those days where I counted more than 7 people who had recently been locked out of Facebook. These folks were fortunate that they were able to regain control of their personal Facebook accounts, which in turn, controlled their Facebook Business Pages. Here are some simple tips on how you can avoid this, so you don’t find yourself in this position.


If you feel you cannot use your real name on any social media platform you have no business being on social media. Facebook and the like were designed for people to have conversations, similar to the days when we picked up the corded telephone to call someone. Yes, we actually talked to each other! Imagine that, a simpler time, where we could all have a friendly conversation and not bicker back and forth. I’m not sure why people feel that they need to use a fake name, but Facebook is really cracking down on people that are posing to be someone else. The lesson here is to use your real name when you open a Facebook account. This practice can be detrimental to any business when someone leaves the company or dies. It often leaves an account with nobody in charge of it and it hangs out on Facebook for years. I have personally tried to get Facebook to remove Facebook Business Pages with this issue and the accounts are still there. Not one person has access to the page, all due to someone setting up a Facebook page with a fake name.


Way back in the days of 2008 or so, businesses began to realize that Facebook was an option for them. Facebook Business Pages came on to the scene and most businesses transitioned to pages where people became Fans, which grew into “Likes.” For whatever reason, some folks never got this message approximately 10 years ago, you need to create a Facebook Business Page for your Business, not a Facebook Personal Account. It’s all fairly straightforward, Facebook wants business owners to be respected as businesses on Facebook, so treat it like a business. Create a Facebook Business Page for your business and you will be good to go. If you think that people want to friend your business, you are doing it all wrong. People want to friend YOU!

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Facebook is really cracking down on this practice. If you are using your personal page for your business, do not be surprised to learn that your account is no longer accessible. The lesson here, be real, authentic, and honest. If you are having conversations with your friends on your personal Facebook page, you have nothing to worry about. I do have friends that use their personal accounts for their MLM businesses and are successful. I would be leery, as I have seen too many people lose all of their efforts in the blink of an eye.


Do NOT try to have two personal Facebook accounts, as it will catch up to you. I have personally witnessed 3 people lose both accounts due to this practice. You can create multiple Facebook Business Pages that are connected to your personal account. Again, Facebook will know if you are trying to “sneak” something by them, so don’t be “that” person. 

This is the shortened version of how not to lose your personal Facebook account. I feel I do need to apologize, as these are things that have seemed relatively Facebook 101. I often forget that many need to be reminded that Facebook is a business and due to the increased volume of “fake news,” it makes sense that Facebook would crack down on these things.

Now, speaking of Fake News… I’ve got a post on that coming later this week, so stay tuned.


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