All of These Apps, What’s A Parent To Do?
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It’s no secret, kids are using apps day in and day out. Often times, it’s parents that hand over their smart phones and tell their kids to be quiet and surf the net. How often do you see a child three-four years old holding a smart phone while their parents are shopping in the grocery store? If you look around, you will see this quite often.

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Have you heard the words Yik Yak while riding in the car with your kids? Here’s a wrap of what this app is all about. The app Yik Yak allows users to text “Yaks” up to 200 characters per message. These “Yaks” are then viewable by anyone else who is a Yakker, and has a GPS location closest to the person who wrote the “Yak”. One of these messages usually reaches up to 500 people. Although “Yaks” are anonymous, there is potential that kids might start revealing private information to strangers. 

Snapchat is fun! I think we are on the cusp of watching this social media platform morph into something amazing for businesses. Millennials are on this platform day in and day out. Businesses have an opportunity to grab onto them on this platform. These short video clips can be fun and can make great marketing material. Here’s where the problem lies. Many youth under the age of 10 are on this platform, with no education or direction. If your kids are using Snapchat, get on it and start snapping with them! Are your neighborhood kids on Snapchat, follow them and start snapping with them. Cyberbullying does not have to happen, be aware of what is going on!

Something to think about when you or your kids are taking selfies. Selfies are posted from anywhere and in anyplace. Do you want the address of your home showing up in a selfie? Do you want everyone around the world to know that you own a large gun cabinet? Do you want your prized collection of coins released to the world to view?

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And then there’s whisper. Whisper is an anonymous confession app. With this app, you can place text over pictures and share your thoughts and feelings. The shared photos display the area you are posting from. The app has a feature that allows you to search for others who are posting from within a mile of you. This app provides strangers access to your child’s location and thoughts.

I don’t know about you, but trying to keep up with all of these apps can be exhausting. And we all know, kids will find a way around anything and everything, when it comes to hiding things from mom and dad. One more tip while we are talking apps. Make sure your Amazon account is set up so a password has be entered to buy movies. Yes, kids of all ages can push a button and buy a movie!

Most importantly, talk to your kids offline. Yes, kids need to know how to talk to people without a screen. When our boys were younger, I made them order their meal in restaurants. They had to look at someone and talk to them. Sounds simple, but in today’s crazy, busy world, it’s often easier for mom or dad to place the child’s order.

Tell me. How are you engaging with your kids on social media? I’d love to hear how you are engaging with them and showing them how to use them in a smart way.


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