Bringing Bloggers & Businesses Together In North Iowa

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If you are a business owner in North Iowa, August 12, 2014, is a day you want to put on your calendar. Did you know that there are bloggers in North Iowa that are working with and for other companies all across the United States, including North Iowa? Come and meet the bloggers of North Iowa and learn how you can work together with them.

The bloggers will be in the Band Festival Room in the Regional Commerce Center downtown Mason City, from 2-3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 12th. You can come and go at your convenience. This is an opportunity to learn more about what a blogger does, who they are and how they could possibly help you grow your business.

I’d like to personally introduce you to each of these bloggers. Take a swing over to their blog and connect with their social media channels, as you will learn a lot about these awesome people!

Donna Hup of



Beth Ann Chiles of ¬†It’s Just Life Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

Beth Ann Chiles

Val Plagge of Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids.

Val Plagge family

Jeni Flaa of JeniEats

Jeni Flaa

Amy Hild of ModernRuralLiving

Amy Hild

Sara Broers of All In An Iowa Mom’s Day & Travel With Sara

Sara speaking at Cedar Point

Did you notice that each of these bloggers has different passions? That’s what makes blogging so interesting and fun. Bloggers also understand that your business is unique and you have something to offer your customers.

We hope to see you on August 12th! Read their blogs and learn a little bit about each of these bloggers. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the talent we have right here in North Iowa!

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