How Business Owners Can Be Active Listeners On Social Media
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Social media continues to influence all of us in our daily lives. If you own a business of any type, it is of vital importance that you turn up your listening ears, in regards to social media. By being a listener, you can learn about your current and future customers.


People love to vent through social media. By making note of what folks are venting about, you may be able to edit your editorial calendar to meet their needs and turn your Facebook status updates into answers to what they are venting about. There are always hot topics around and by listening you can hear what people want to learn about. Does this mean you hop on the hottest political topic? Absolutely not. As a business owner, it’s of vital importance that you keep yourself far from politics on your social media platforms.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Once you see a trend of specific photos flying through your social media platforms, start taking notes. These photos are your inspiration for what people are currently engaging in. By paying attention and listening, you can build your social media posts around the theme of these photos.

A simple way to step up your listening game through social media is to ask a question. By asking a question you are inviting your customers to share their expertise. People love to share what they know. Your customers have valuable information to share. If you have a customer that is a raving fan, which means they share your posts through social media and talk about your business a lot, invite them to write a guest blog post on your company website. Most people will be honored to do this, but most importantly, you need to ask!

Your customers are on social media and this is why you need to be an active listener. By listening to what their needs and wants are, you can be the problem solver for them. Trust me, if you don’t pay attention and listen, your competition is listening.

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