How To Grow Your Twitter Account Organically

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You can grow your Twitter account organically, with patience and time. I am asked on a weekly basis, “How do I get Twitter followers?” My answer every single time is, “You need to be there.”

When I hopped on the Twitter train in 2009, I honestly had no clue what was going on. I did watch and observe and quickly learned that #FF was a thing. I know that early on, I did not use it correctly. Over time, I have learned that #FF is important and it can help you grow your following. Here are my best tips to help you grow your Twitter account organically.

Laptop and Phone Social Media


With smartphones prevalent today, it’s so easy to be present on Twitter. Many people think that when they set up a Twitter account they can schedule all their tweets. That, in my eyes, is the quickest way to not gain new followers. Make it a point to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on Twitter per day, and talk with people. Talking on Twitter is tweeting with others. It’s important to remember that social media is not designed for link dropping, it’s a place to be social.


Search hashtags that interest you and those that are related to your business. By following people with the same interests as you, you can build a nice following. Engage, retweet, love and share their content. You will quickly learn that the people using Twitter are social people.


If you are new to Twitter, here is a step by step guide on how to participate in Twitter Chats and Twitter Parties. Follow people that are attending the same chat and party that you are. Here you will find people with the same interests as you and it will be easy to connect with them. Keep in mind, most of these are an hour in length. If you can attend the full length of the chat or party, it will be to your benefit. It’s also ok to hop in for a few minutes to say hi and acknowledge the people that are attending it.

How to Use #FF

#FF stands for Follow Friday. If you have a relationship with a business or friend on Twitter that you think others need to follow, give them a shout out on Friday with the Hashtag #FF. Give your Twitter friends a reason to follow them.

I have 11,000 followers on Twitter and they did not magically appear overnight. Keep in mind, my SocialSarab account was started in 2009. That account has made it through being shut down by Twitter for suspicious activity and reinstated a few weeks later, when Twitter determined I had done nothing wrong. By being there and joining in several Twitter Chats & Parties through the years, I’ve made many genuine friendships through Twitter and to this day, it’s my favorite social media platform

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Are you a Twitter enthusiast? I’d love to hear about your experience and what you enjoy most about Twitter.

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