I Am Embracing Snapchat And Here’s What I Have Learned

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I jumped on the Snapchat train a few months ago and hopped off. In the meantime, Snapchat became a major social media player in the world of business. As someone who travels alot, it made sense for me to jump back on the train. I hope you can see how easy Snapchat is to use, when used in a smart, safe manner.


Many people think Snapchat is a scary social media platform. In all honesty, it’s as scary as you make it. When you choose who you are engaging with, it becomes a fun platform to engage in. As with any platform, if your kids are using Snapchat; it’s vital that parents install the app and “snap” with their kids. In fact, I know of a church youth group director who snaps regularly with middle school kids. She knows that many of the kids in her youth group have parents that are not following their kids on Snapchat, and she saw this as an educational opportunity. The kids in her youth group look forward to snapping with her on Snapchat and when she misses a day, her kids miss her. In a perfect world, parents should be there, as well. Fact of the matter is, many parents simply won’t do it. By engaging with our youth on the social media platforms they are on, the doorway of communication stays open.


If you don’t tell your story, it’s a fact that someone else will tell your story.

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When you use Snapchat to tell your story, it’s fun, inviting and a simple way to invite people into your life. Business owners can showcase their products, share how their products are used and even give demonstrations on how to use their products. From recipes to travel destinations, Snapchat is a fun place to tell your story.

As with any social media platform, be smart on how you use the platform. Your Snaps do disappear from the Snapchat feed in 24 hours, but keep in mind, once something lands on the world wide web; it’s for everyone to view.

I would love to connect with you through Snapchat. You can follow me at http://snapchat.com/add/travelwithsara1. See you on Snapchat!

If you are using Snapchat for business, I’d love to hear how you are using it.



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