Make The Most Of Christmas, Put Your Smartphone Down

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Christmas morning is upon us and it’s tempting to share your whole day through social media. When you make a concentrated effort to put your smartphone down, everyone will be able to enjoy those special moments. Here are some tips on how to make your life simpler come Christmas morning. Focus on making those memories, your kids and/or grandkids really don’t want to remember all of the relatives posting those photos to social media. Your kids want you in the moment, actually engaging and playing with them, not your smartphone.

Your Emails Can Wait

There is more than likely no email that will need to be read instantly on Christmas morning. Sure, you may have your email app installed on your smartphone, but that doesn’t give you permission to check your emails 24/7.

Christmas Decorations

You know those Christmas decorations that you pack and unpack year after year? Make it a point to think about where they came from each year. Chances are you have some that have came from your travels, friends, relatives that have passed and other sources. Share these stories and you may be surprised at the interest of everyone in the room. Kids of all ages like a story or two, right? If you must snap a photo, make it short and sweet and share the story later through social media.

Churches across the country are embracing social media and some are taking family photos when families arrive for Christmas services. Now, this can be a fun way to remember where you were on Christmas 2016. There are stories to be told and laughter to be shared.

Embrace The Music Of The Season

Jingle Bells

Christmas carols are a fun way to enjoy the magic of the season. Christmas would not be Christmas without a verse of Silent Night. Maybe Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is your song or Frosty the Snowman is. Enjoy the music of the season and jingle all the way to the North Pole. If you host an old fashioned family sing along, why not get the ok of everyone in attendance and take video of your group and share it to Facebook later in the day. This shows your kids how to use Facebook for good. You can make someone else’s day and have a fun time with your family.

I seriously hope you enjoy Christmas with your family and friends. One day out of each year, let’s engage in the conversations, put the smartphones away and count are blessings of the Christmas season~ Merry Christmas!




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