The Best Apps To Make Your Photos More Amazing By Guest Contributor Amy Hild
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Amy Hild of Modern Rural Living  submitted this to Social Connections, LLC a week before she passed away. I am pleased to publish this in her memory. Amy had an eye for photography and graphic design. I hope you can take some of her tips and use them with your photos. #AmysGift keeps on giving!

In a world where everything is so visual, we are forced to learn how to compose, edit and enhance our own photos to be more visually appealing. The funny thing is, most people aren’t professional photographers or graphic designers, so buying the professional software that they use is completely bogus!

Here are some of my favorite apps for both iPhone’s & Android’s that will help make your photos look a little more amazing.

Camera Apps:

These camera apps are out there to help make your photos look more HD by auto correcting the exposure & brightness.

ProHDR Pro HDR (iPhone | Android | $1.99)
This app brings high dynamic range photography to your phone by capturing an image exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows then aligns and merges the images giving you stunning HDR images.
ProHDRX Pro HDR X  (iPhone | $1.99)
This app is the same as the Pro HDR app, but this only takes one image giving you the same results.

Photo Editing Apps: 

These photo editing apps are to help edit the color by adding filters or adjusting the levels. With some of these you are also able to add text or designs overtop of the image to help enhance the final product.

PicTapGo Pic Tap Go (iPhone | $1.99)
This app is so simple yet so sophisticated. It lets you edit your photos with over 70 filters/effects and allows you to layer filters to give you the best look possible.
ABM A Beautiful Mess (iPhone | Android | $0.99)
With this app, you can add fun fonts and hand-drawn doodles over your images. This app is actually created by Elsie and Emma, who are the creators of the award-winning lifestyle blog, “A Beautiful Mess”.
Piction Piction App (iPhone | $0.99)
With Piction, you can add captions and simple text on an image. They have over 40 fonts to choose from so finding one that fits with your brand will be easy!
Phonto Phonto (iPhone | Android | Free)
Similar to the “A Beautiful Mess” App, You can put fonts and doodles over your image. This app offers you over 400 fonts and many other options.

Collage Apps:

These collage apps do just that. They help you mesh photos together to make a collage that you can use to show multiples images from a trip or event. These are great if you have a lot of photos to show but don’t want to spam your social media or website.

PicFrame PicFrame (iPhone | Android | $0.99)
This app will help you combine multiple photos and videos into amazing looking frames. They actually have 73 frames that you are able to adjust to your liking and can use up to 9 photos/videos. They have a desktop version available so make sure to check that out as well.
InstaFrame  Instaframe (iPhone | AndroidFree)
Another app that has many different adjustable frame options. Great for making collages and adding text.
PhotoCollageMaker Photo Collage Maker (iPhone | Android | Free)
These are all very similar, but you pick which app you feel most comfortable with. This one offers 120+ types of frames with many other options to customize on top of that.

Sites Online:

These websites or apps can be used from your desktop or laptop computer. There are more out there, but these are the ones that I have tested and stand behind.

PicMonk (Website | Free)
This is a web app good for fun photo editing with Instagram-like filters. If you like it so much they offer pro versions on top of the free version. You can fix blemishes, make your skin look airbrushed, remove wrinkles and add lip tints. Don’t go overboard as this will make you look very fake! They also have a bunch of overlays, borders and textures to add a little something else.
Canva-Logo (Website | Free)
This website gives you everything you need to easily turn your ideas into stunning designs. You can create images both for web or print. What I like to use it for is for blog graphics, presentations, Facebook cover photos, flyers, posters, and invitations. The options are endless
Watermark Plus Watermark Plus Desktop App (Apple Desktop | AndroidFree – $4.99)
PowerPoint_15 PowerPoint (Desktop | $70-$100/year)
You can easily design in PowerPoint which is software that most people already have, just change the size of the slide, and insert images, shapes, etc. It’s truly amazing what you can do with this app.
photoshop-elements Photoshop (Elements) (Desktop | $80/one time)
Yes, this is something that you will have to buy, but if you aren’t happy with the online tools, then this may be your next upgrade. If you get it around the holidays, sometimes they have good deals. This is similar to what photographers use, but it includes the basics to photo editing, which is enough for the normal Joe.
pixlr-logo Pixlr (Website | Free)
This is a free image editor that you access from your browser (no software download needed). It’s one of the best dupes of Adobe Photoshop out there as it has a lot of the same functions and keyboard shortcuts.

These are just a few of the millions of apps that are out there for all devices. What are you favorite mobile or desktop apps that you like to use?


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