Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Cyberbullying

Boy With Tablet
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Cyberbullying is technically bullying that takes place using technology and it amazes me that I continually run into people that say, “Why should I care?” Here are three reasons why you should pay attention to this matter.

  • It is a fact that kids that are bullied online or offline, have a rough time socially. This in turn creates serious problems that often times include problems with the law.
  • Youth that are cyberbullied often have self esteem issues accompanied by depression.
  • Citizens in communities need to learn how to be upstanders, not bystanders.

Boy With Tablet

When youth in communities continually have problems with the law, everyone suffers. People begin to congregate indoors, as they no longer feel safe outdoors. Kids no longer frequent playgrounds and a general feeling of being “unsafe” prevails. It’s a fact that kids who are cyberbullied often fear for their safety while at school, therefore; they skip school and cause problems in communities. Which in turn, leads to problems with the law.

Depression can be life changing and can begin to show up when a cyberbullying incident has occurred. If one cyberbullying incident can be prevented, one depression diagnosis may be prevented. If cyberbullying is the cause of your child or grandchild’s depression, would you think differently?

Everyone needs to learn how to be an upstander and not a bystander. Think about this. If you came across a video on Facebook that involved a child being beat up on a school bus, what would you do? Would you keep scrolling through the feed and hope the incident was a “mistake?” Or, would you report the incident to authorities?

When citizens step up to the plate and become upstanders, it’s a win, win situation in all communities. Families feel safer and there are fewer youth having issues with the law. I struggle with the comment, “Why should I care?” when the topic of discussion is cyberbullying. Are you a bystander or an upstander? I would like to think that you are an upstander, but reality tells me that we have more bystanders than upstanders. Please think about being an upstander and being a leader in your community when it comes to cyberbullying. If you see something that is trying to make trouble online with someone, please step up and make a difference. You can be the upstander and save a life or two along the way.

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