Tips For Not Letting Social Media Consume Your Life

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There are certain times of the year that social media can consume your life. Election time is an easy time to get sucked in. If you find yourself searching social media for all things related to an upcoming election, it’s time to take a break.  And if you are not careful, your friendships will suffer.

As I was recently scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds, it was sad to see that many are consumed with the current election season. I understand that an election is important. In the United States we do have the opportunity to vote and we should exercise our right to vote. Why do we turn to social media to vent and share our anger? Life is too short to become angry.


Call a friend. This means you actually call them. A private message through social media does not replace an actual phone call. I challenge you to call a friend that you have not spoken to in months. This will keep you off of social media and remind you how important those actual conversations are.

Donna and bloggers


Friendships are important. These North Iowa Bloggers “get it” and have real life conversations with each other.


Local coffee shops are a fantastic way to meet up with friends. The biggest challenge is for you to not take your smart phone with you. Talk and laugh with your friend. Trust me, you will feel good about yourself.


I know that many of you have a purpose when it comes to social media. I love that my friend Beth Ann of It’s Just Life writes a blog post every month featuring a different cause. She encourages her readers to leave a comment and then she donates money to the organization she features each month. She shares through social media and it’s a positive message. And then there’s my friend Pat, of The Computer Guy. He’s on a mission to help locals deal with issues they are currently having with the local cable company. He’s asking what types of issues people are having through social media and people are responding. He’s on a mission to offer solutions for more reliable cable service to his rural community.

Let’s turn our social media pages to positive messages. I honestly tune 90% of the political posts out, so for those of you continuing to post, I’m not sure who you are reaching. I think it’s fair to say that you are reaching and connecting with some angry folks. I will not partake in the negativity and will march forward and continue to make a positive difference in my little corner of the world.



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