Tips On How To Use Social Media To Plan Your Next Vacation

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Social media is one of those things that we all use on a daily basis and we often times forget that it’s a great tool for planning vacations. Here are some tips on how you can use social media to aid in your planning.


Ask your friends on your personal Facebook page where their favorite vacation spot is. Chances are, you will see photos, read stories and your friends may even link you to the resort they stayed at. This does not mean that you have to disclose the dates you will be gone, all it does is gets the conversation going. And let’s face it, our friends are going to be honest with you when it comes to recommending a spot for your next vacation.

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Instagram is the ideal place to follow up on your vacation ideas. Key in the hashtag of where you would like to visit. If you want to visit Iowa, type in #Iowa. Here you will find several posts that others have shared that show Iowa. Maybe you want to go to California, key in the hashtag, #California. These may not be the official hashtags for these destinations, but they may be the key words that other travelers, as yourself, are using. There was that one time when my husband and I found a dream vacation spot in Florida, all due to a hashtag search on Instagram.


Type in a hashtag of a destination you would like to visit. Search #FindYourPark to find all things related to national parks. If you are looking for a particular attraction, you can often search an attraction with a hashtag in front of it. Remember that tweets are short, as they are limited to 140 characters. Twitter is a quick, simple way to search out anything.

There you have it! These three tips will easily help you plan your next vacation. When you ask your friends and search out hashtags that interest you, things will come together nicely. Have you planned a vacation through social media? If so, I’d love to hear about your vacation.



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