True Colors Shine Through Social Media

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I watch a lot of what happens on social media and it saddens me that people can be so brazen. I recently met a new person in my community and thought they were a nice person, until they left a very rude, threatening comment to a Facebook friend of mine, through Facebook. This made me think…. do your true colors shine through social media?

So, what did I learn from this observation? I learned that some people cannot be trusted. I have always been a trusting person and it’s obvious, a little too trusting. I am now going to look at this person in a different light. Right or wrong, I’m not sure. If there’s one thing I do know, it’s the fact that I don’t need those kind of people in my life. I choose to surround myself with upbeat and encouraging people. North Iowa Social Media Breakfast Club attendees are some of the most positive, upbeat North Iowans that I know.

December North Iowa Social Media Breakfast Club

Are you the person online that you wish to be? Do you think before you actually post or do you just let it all roll? It’s in your best interest to “think” before you post. We all can get caught in the heat of the moment and post something we regret. What’s interesting is the fact that this brazen comment is still there…… this person must have meant to post what they did.

Here’s how your true colors can shine through social media in a good way!

  • Make it a point to make one positive comment to one social media friend, every single day you are on that social media platform.
  • Do not post when you are in the heat of a moment.
  • If you have a positive experience at a local business, leave them a positive review on social media. Lets face it, it’s often easier to leave a negative comment, so let’s make a difference in that!
  • Share the good things happening in your community through social media.

I firmly believe that if we all focused on the good in others, we would have happier communities and healthier relationships. Are your true colors shining through social media? I believe mine are and I’d like to think I’m making a positive difference, in a good way.

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