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Twitter And Delta Airlines Worked Magic For The North Iowa Bloggers

There is a time and a place to take to Twitter. Myself and the North Iowa Bloggers recently took to Twitter with a firestorm. Why, you may ask. Over the course of the last few months the North Iowa Bloggers had formed several great friendships as well as business partnerships. Our beloved friend and fellow […]

Social Media Is More Than Just Facebook

When people hear the words social media they often think of Facebook. It is true, Facebook is a part of social media, but it is not the only thing that makes up social media. Social media is a place that you can go online and share an experience or a story. It allows you to […]

Tips for a Twitter Chat Newbie From Guest Blogger Amy Hild

Tips for a Twitter Chat Newbie Guest blog by Amy Hild of Modern Rural Living Are you new to twitter chats? Well so I am! Yes, I know you’re thinking, “why is a newbie writing about how to participate in a twitter chat?” Well, it’s because I was thrown in and had to learn rather quickly. […]

How To Be A Social Media Rock Star With #Hashtags

Just a few years ago most of us had never heard of the word hashtag. Fast forward to 2014 and wow, we’ve got ourselves a major player in social media. Hashtags are used on all social media platforms. If you use them properly, you can be a rock star. Hashtags are used as a search […]

A New School Year Brings A Fresh Start To Everything, Including Social Media

A new school year is here and it does offer a fresh start to everything we do, including social media. Maybe you have not been paying attention to what you post through social media and it’s time to clean up your act. A new school year provides good reason to take note and step up […]

Engage In A Face To Face Conversation- Your Conscience Will Thank You

Social Media has changed how we all interact. As you know, I love social media and the new experiences that come with it. Some of my closest friends are folks that I have met online through social media. The best part of it, is getting to know them in real life. Yes, meeting them in […]

Meet Jason Smith of Dream Dirt: An Iowan Utilizing Social Media Day In And Day Out

When I hopped on the Twitter train several years ago, I looked for Iowa folks to connect with. I will admit, that in 2009, it was hard to find Iowans on Twitter.  And my own first tweet was pathetic! It is clear that I had no clue what Twitter was and what the proper terms […]

New To Twitter? Symbols and Abbreviations You Should Know About

Twitter seems to be where people are flocking to, when it comes to social media platforms. It’s also  interesting how Twitter has evolved. Four or five years ago people rolled their eyes when I said I was on Twitter. Today they are saying, “Will you show me how to use Twitter?” It’s a good thing, […]

Finding The Ideal Marketing Mix For Your Business

    Marketing today is very complex. Folks still listen to the radio, they still read newspapers, and they are involved in social media. So, what’s a business owner to do when it comes to marketing? Is it possible to be in all of these places?  Each community is different and your audience is as […]

People Or Gadgets?

It’s no secret that I love social media and I know many of you do too. In today’s world we have a gazillion ways to communicate and social media opens up a whole new way of communicating. I still say that the number one way to communicate is through face to face communication. Wow! What […]